Talk at Northern Illinois University

Invited by friends and colleagues Drs Mitch Irwin and Karen Samonds, I will be giving a talk entitled "Conservation medicine in Madagascar: Zoonotic Diseases at the human and wildlife interface", on Friday the 25th of April at Northern Illinois University.Through a few examples of research projects, we will discuss the application of the "one health" concept in... Continue Reading →

Journal Club: “Presence of the Amphibian Chytrid Fungus in Amphibians Exported from Madagascar”

This journal club is about an article entitled : "Presence of the Amphibian Chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Native Amphibians Exported from Madagascar" by Kolby JE that just got published today (March 5th 2014) in the Open access journal PlosOne. You can access (free of charge) the article discussed by following the link below: Presence... Continue Reading →

One Health Congress – 2015

The 3rd International One Health Congress will take place between March 15-18th 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. "The 3rd International One Health Congress focuses on multidisciplinary collaboration involving medical, veterinary and eco-health disciplines, other life sciences, social sciences, and informatics. The scientific focus will be on how science can help in preventing emerging and re-emerging (infectious) diseases." Registrations... Continue Reading →

In Memory of Dr. Alison Jolly

In memory of Dr Alison Jolly, world reknown primatologist and conservationist.

Lemur Conservation Foundation

dr alison jolly

Alison Jolly, primatologist and conservationist, born 9 May 1937, died 6 February 2014.

A chance invitation to babysit laboratory lemurs at Yale University in 1959, where she was a graduate student immersed in the study of sea sponges, triggered a change of direction and a distinguished career as a primatologist for Alison Jolly, who has died at home in Lewes, East Sussex, aged 76.

 Driven by a commitment to the wildlife, ecology and development of one of the world’s poorest yet most iconic countries, Madagascar, Jolly became an expert on lemurs. David Attenborough recently wrote: ‘not only they but the people and land of Madagascar captured her heart’.

 She made her name as the first scientist to do an in-depth account of the behaviour of the ring-tailed lemur, L. catta, beginning field work in 1962. She discovered that this species ‑ and as it turned out most other lemurs…

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Turtles on the brink in Madagascar: Proceedings available

A comprehensive monograph on tortoises and fresh water turtles of Madagascar is now fully available online. It includes nearly 30 original articles on everything from field-based research, captive breeding, reintroduction, community driven conservation programs, and provides an overview of the conservation issues. This publication is the result of several years of hard and collaborative work... Continue Reading →

MOU signed between MFG and the vet school of Antananarivo

I am thrilled to report that the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group (MFG) and the veterinary school of Antananarivo, Madagascar (DESMV) have renewed their Memorandum Of Understanding earlier this week. With this MOU the MFG and DESMV have renewed their pledge for collaboration. Both institutions recognize the importance of having veterinarians trained in the field... Continue Reading →

Journal club: Evaluation of Non-Invasive Biological Samples to Monitor Staphylococcus aureus Colonization in Great Apes and Lemurs.

An article entitled "Evaluation of Non-Invasive Biological Samples to Monitor Staphylococcus aureus Colonization in Great Apes and Lemurs." by Schaumburg et al. just got published this week in the journal PlOs One. In this study, the researchers evaluated the presence of the potentially zoonotic bacteria Staphylococcus aureus in various primates including wild lemurs from Kirindy, Madagascar and... Continue Reading →

About the Journal club

As part of my blog and to share some of my readings, I decided to organize a "Journal club". I will periodically select a peer-reviewed article that is somewhat linked to the biodiversity, conservation or conservation medicine and especially conservation medicine in Madagascar. I will read, briefly summarize and comment on each article that I will... Continue Reading →

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