A new vet: congratulations Dr Hertz!

Feeling incredibly proud of this man today. Dr Hertz Andrianalizah successfully defended his thesis to complete the requirements to obtain the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar and he did so with the highest honors! Hertz is a bright young veterinarian with a special interest in conservation medicine and... Continue Reading →

Building Local Capacity in Conservation Medicine.

Although most veterinarians graduating from the Departement d'Enseignement des Sciences et Médecine Vétérinaires (DESMV), veterinary school of Antananarivo, Madagascar will not be directly involved in wildlife medicine, they can still play a role in the conservation of Madagascar's unique fauna. With this in mind, the DESMV in collaboration with the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group... Continue Reading →

Veterinary Expeditions-Madagascar 2015

I was honoured to be invited as the guest speaker for the 2015 Veterinary Expeditions-Madagascar. This program led by Drs Carol Walton and Rick Lecouteur from the UC Davis veterinary school took a group of 22 veterinarians (mostly small animal and exotic practitionners) from the United States and Europe through various ecosystems of Madagascar to... Continue Reading →

New grant: Expanding Malagasy veterinarians perception of their role in biodiversity conservation.

I am thrilled to report that I applied for and obtained a grant from the Saint Louis Zoo through the Wildcare Institute for a project entitled : “Building Local Capacity in Conservation Medicine – Meet the Multidimensional Challenges of Conserving Madagascar’s Endangered Species”. This proposal requested funding to organize a conservation medicine workshop for University... Continue Reading →

Madagascar Conservation Medicine at the 2014 AAZV annual Conference

The 2014 Annual conference of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians just ended. This year, more than 1200 Zoo, Exotic animals and Reptile Veterinarians met for a week (October18-25th) at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The conference covered various subjects including (but not limited to) advanced topics in anesthesia and sedation, Aquatic medicine,... Continue Reading →

Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group Conservation Research Workshop

Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group, a Non Governmental Organization working to conserve Madagascar's unique biodiversity is organizing a Conservation Research Workshop this week in Saint Louis, MO. More than 40 researchers from Universities and zoos from all over the world are expected to attend. Representatives from the Madagascar National Park and the Betampona Natural Reserve... Continue Reading →

Careers in Biology – Zoo based conservation

The Naked Darwin

How can I work at a zoo? What do employees at a zoo do behind the scenes? Dr. Eric Miller, from the Saint Louis Zoo, provides students with an insider’s view on the day-to-day responsibilities of directing a zoo, tips on getting hired in the zoo/conservation field, and so much more!

Zoo wordle

In this column of The Naked Darwin, you will find interviews with outstanding professionals that have devoted their careers to different fields of Biology. Here, they share their expertise in their career, and we hope our readers can gain from the knowledge and advice they will share. The interviews are performed by students from the University of Missouri-St Louis, who are taking the seminar “Careers in Biology” offered by Dr. Parker.

This week in Careers in Biology – a series of interviews: Dr. Eric Miller on Zoo based conservation. Dr. Miller’s interview was conducted by…

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