A new vet: congratulations Dr Hertz!

Feeling incredibly proud of this man today. Dr Hertz Andrianalizah successfully defended his thesis to complete the requirements to obtain the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar and he did so with the highest honors!

Hertz is a bright young veterinarian with a special interest in conservation medicine and the one health concept. He accompanied me during my previous trips in Betampona and assisted me while working on his own project in the reserve. His research focused on disease exposure in livestock and wildlife and evaluated some risk factors linked to animal husbandry practices in the vicinity of the protected area. A massive endeavor that he managed to complete while attending classes and internships at the DESMV and his role with diverse associations such as the WWF Club Vintsy which he presided. Hertz has shown strong leadership qualities and is an incredible problem solver. I relied heavily on him for many aspects of my research and he is a big part of the progress that have been made so far. In fact, completing his dissertation and defending his thesis did not seem enough for Hertz so now he is co-authoring an article that will be submitted in the upcoming weeks.  Now, I am extremely proud of calling him Dr Hertz and welcoming him in the veterinary profession. Wish him the very best in his future career and hope that we will continue to work together.

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